CareerCross Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “we”) take the privacy of personal information of the users of CC Consulting Website (, hereafter referred to as “Website” or “this website”) very seriously, and we handle it with utmost care.

If you feel that we do not abide by this privacy statement please contact CareerCross Co., Ltd. Support Desk at [email protected].

Personal information collected from you by our company

1. Collection and use of personally identifiable information

CareerCross Co., Ltd. is the sole owner of all information collected on this website. We do not sell, share, or lease this personal information to third parties in any ways other than those stated in this privacy statement.

(1) Cookies

A cookie is a text file that is placed on a website user’s computer and contains information that the user left on that website. You may choose to modify your browser settings to accept or decline cookies.

(2) Log files

On this website, we save the information of users who accessed the site in the form of an access log, and use it for the analysis of statistics related to the use of the website. The access log includes the IP address from which our website was accessed, the number of accesses, and the page views, but it does not include any personally identifiable information. The information is not used for any other purposes, and we do not disclose the access log in principle.

(3) Verification of how we use the personal information we collect and store

If we change this privacy statement, we will publicize these changes on our website. You can always verify what kind of information we collect, and how we use this information.


Our company stores the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Email address

2. How and why the information gathered from users is used, and about sharing of information and disclosing information to third parties


(1) Use within the scope of purposes

Our companies’ fundamental principle is to not use your registered information for any other purposes than the ones given below. We use the information in accordance with the privacy statement that was in place when the information was collected.


  • Contact Us


(2) Sharing of personal information

Our company partners with other companies to provide you with special services. In the case that you choose to sign up with any of those services, we will as necessary share your name and other contact details with the company that provides that service. We do not permit our partners to use your personal information for any other purposes than provision of the said services.


(3) Passing on personal information to third parties

We will not disclose or pass on the information you register on our website to third parties without your consent. The only exceptions are the cases stated below.

When based upon a law, ordinance, or general principle.
When ordered by governmental or regulatory authorities.
When passing on the information is deemed necessary to protect a person’s life, body, or property from threat, or to protect the legitimate rights and business interests of our companies or others, or when it is impossible to acquire your consent.
There may be cases when our company has to deposit personal information with a third party in order to subcontract business. In such a case, we will investigate the third party company according to a pre-set standard, conclude the necessary contract, and take all legally necessary measures.

(4) Links to other sites

This website contains links to other sites. Please understand that we cannot take responsibility for the privacy practices of such other websites. We ask you to read the privacy statement when using this website. This privacy statement applies only to information collected on this website.

3. Your right to refuse (“Opt-out”)

(1) In the case a third party collects your personal information

If a third party other than our company collects your personal information, we will certainly inform you about it. In such a case, you may choose whether or not you would like to continue receiving the service from an outside provider.

(2) Change in purpose of use of personal data

If we use your personal data in any other way than stated at the time of collection of said data, we inform you by email or telephone. Without your consent in this case, we will not use your personal data in any different way than stated in our company’s purpose of data use.

4. Security measures implemented to protect your personal data from leaking, crash, defacing, loss, and unauthorized use

This website has implemented all precautionary measures to protect your data. When you submit important information to this website, your information will be protected both online and offline.

To protect critical information online, we have put in place a firewall, encrypted transmission, hacking detector, virus scan, and port blocking. We are sparing no efforts to also protect our users’ information offline, and we have implemented high-level internal security measures as well. Not only critical information, but all information we collect from our users, is limited for use only within our company.

(1) Server administration

We have set up a firewall so that no third party can access our server.
Our web server and email server are set up in a data center, and managed by a server management company. The server where our company keeps personal data is administered in a safe environment, in a locked cage, which can be entered only upon authentication by photo ID and password.

(2) Email

We protect our email server and individual terminals from infection with viruses by installing anti-virus software.

(3) SSL encryption

When you enter your personal information in the registration process, we use the industry-wide security standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt your data and prevent them from interception while they are transmitted over the internet.

(4) Access rights within our company

Only those employees are permitted access to the personal information users enter on this website who need them for fulfilling special duties.
Apart from the above, it may be necessary to permit access to your personal information within the scope of our operations.

5. Accessing and changing your personal information

Regarding requests for display, modification, addition, or deletion of your personal data, or discontinuance of use: based on the below contents, you can have that done by sending us an email at the email address provided in (2) below.

(1) Inquiries and claims about your personal information

If users contact us with inquiries or claims regarding their personal information, we will properly address such requests within the scope of reason. For inquiries, please contact us by email at the below address given in (2).

(2) Contact for (1) above

We have set up a special support desk to address user inquiries named in (1) above.

Customer Support Desk
CareerCross Co., Ltd.
Email: [email protected]

(3)Change in correspondence procedures

If there is a change in the communication procedures stated above, we will inform you about that change. Such announcements will be made on this website, or by email from our company.

6. Training of employees on the protection of personal information

We constantly keep our employees informed about the latest developments in security and privacy issues. At least once every year, and whenever a new privacy statement comes in place, we conduct trainings for all employees. Our employees are obliged to do their utmost to protect the privacy of our users’ and customers’ personal information. When employees leave their desks, we have password-protected screen savers in place.

7. Compliance with legal regulations on the protection of personal information


Our company complies with legal regulations on the protection of personal information.


Laws and ordinances on personal data

The OECD’s Eight Principles
Private Information Protection Law

8. Review of privacy policy and privacy statement to protect personal information

(1) Responsibility for review

Based on the statement of audit and other factors such as the business environment, our company’s director reviews the privacy policy and privacy statement as well as the terms of use regularly to ensure the best possible protection of personal information.

(2) Convocation of review meeting

When the director sees grounds for a review as below, he will within a considerable amount of time convoke a meeting (hereafter “review meeting”) to review privacy policy, privacy statement, and terms of use.

When the auditor submits an audit report to the director.

When the administrator in charge of protecting personal information or the person in charge of protecting personal information ask for a review of contents or text of the privacy policy or privacy statement.
In any other cases when the director deems a review necessary.

(3) Audit

Our company conducts audits about the protection of personal information. Subject to the audit are all systems, operations, and departments handling personal data.

(4) Timing of the audit

The timing of audits is as follows:

An operations audit is conducted at least once a year, in regular intervals.
On a timely basis together with revisions of the privacy policy, privacy statement, or terms of use.
At other times whenever necessary.
This Privacy Policy will take effect on the 1st December 2013.